Fertiliser supply to be ensured

Posted: জানুয়ারি 7, 2009 in Agriculture

New Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury yesterday gave indication of reducing diesel price and ensuring supply of fertiliser to the farmers to help them during the current Boro season. She said an announcement about diesel price might come soon from the prime minister. “We do not want the farmers to suffer from a shortage of fertiliser and cannot let it happen,” she told journalists on her first day in office. The agriculture minister said the present government’s first priority will be to bring down the prices of essentials. “If any government sincerely wants to check the price hike of essentials, it is possible. We had proved it earlier and will prove it again,” Matia said. The minister said she would visit the kitchen markets to monitor the prices of essentials. Matia said during the tenure of AL government between 1996 and 2001, Hasina used to send her people to the markets to have the real picture, which helped her control the prices of essentials. Replying to a query about taking actions against ‘the syndicates’, she said the prime minister will not hesitate to take any step against them. Stressing the need for buffer stock, she said the government’s another priority is to increase the country’s food production. They will also focus on agro-based industries to increase production, which will also help create new jobs. “We want to make Bangladesh not only self-sufficient in food but also a country with food surplus,” she said.







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