Aid flow won’t dip despite global crisis

Posted: জানুয়ারি 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hopes foreign minister


“We do not expect that to happen,” she said when asked if foreign aid flow would decrease due to the global financial crisis.

Emerging from the first meeting with foreign diplomats at the foreign ministry, Dipu Moni said they sought cooperation from nations friendly to Bangladesh to help achieve the targets Awami League (AL) declared in its polls manifesto.

She also thanked foreign diplomats for deploying election observers and helping to hold a fair poll.

At the meeting the foreign diplomats said they want to see good governance in Bangladesh, Dipu Moni said.

“We shall surely try to ensure good governance and establish a non-communal country…and surely there is a question of assistance of our friendly nations in this,” the foreign minister said.

Foreign aid depends on need and many other factors, she said, adding that the present government shall ensure good governance because it got the people’s mandate for that.

It is expected that the development partners will see it positively and extend their cooperation, Dipu Moni, the first woman foreign minister of the country, said.

“We shall not only seek assistance, rather we may also extend our assistance for other countries in need.”

She told diplomats during the meeting that Bangladesh and some other least developed countries will be the worst affected by the climate change and the developed countries have the responsibility to help mitigate the problem.

Asked if the AL-led government would change the “look-east policy” the previous BNP government had preferred, Dipu Moni said, “We do not want change only for the sake of change. We want meaningful change and do whatever necessary.”

Bangladesh will play its due role in the regional and global forums like Saarc, Bimstec and WTO to get the best benefit out of them and make every effort to strengthen relations with different countries in order to boost trade and commerce, she added.

“We talked about our foreign policy…that we maintain friendship with all and enmity to none and want peace. We noted that Bangladesh has a good number of peacekeepers,” the minister told newsmen.

Talking to a few reporters, the US Ambassador James F Moriarty said he did not receive any indication about reduction of US aid flow into Bangladesh.

“I hope that the government will soon implement the manifesto,” he said.

Swiss Ambassador to Bangladesh Dora Rapold said they appreciate the government’s early invitation to foreign diplomats which opened a door for effective dialogues.

“We look forward to more cooperation and work together,” she said.


Foreign aid flow into Bangladesh would not drop despite the global economic turmoil, Foreign Minister Dipu Moni said yesterday.


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