Graffiti on woman ban erased

Posted: জানুয়ারি 13, 2009 in Women Rights

After The Daily Star ran a report yesterday on a self-proclaimed Pir who put graffiti on a wall by a Pirojpur road, prohibiting movement of women on that road, Mathbaria police removed the writings and are hunting for the Pir.

Officer-in-charge of the Mathbaria Police Station Matiur Rahman erased the graffiti that read “Women are absolutely forbidden on this road” from Mathbaria Bara Masjid Road. They were also trying to arrest the so-called pir and former soldier Maulana Md Abdus Sattar, our Barisal correspondent reports.

Matiur Rahman told The Daily Star, “Following the report of The Daily Star we removed the sign and we will take legal actions against the self-declared pir who obstructed women’s movement on that road.”

He also said two policemen will be deployed on the road to help schoolgirls use the road. He said they will continue their search for Abdus Sattar.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association (BNWLA) yesterday expressed deep concern over the banning of women on that road and demanded investigation into the matter and punishment of the people responsible.

The BNWLA in a press release said such kind of activity is an obstacle to women when they have been coming forward alongside men in every sphere.

The Daily Star on Tuesday published a report that a self-declared pir Maulana Md Abdus Sattar of Mathbaria, Pirojpur, banned the movement of women on Bara Masjid Road in Mathbaria.



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