20000 live on pavement

Posted: জানুয়ারি 28, 2009 in Human Rights

NGOs take five-year project to ease their suffering in city

Several non-government organisations (NGOs) have jointly undertaken a five-year project to ease the suffering of people who pass their nights on the pavements in the city by providing them with skills-oriented training, other facilities and developing a sense of self-respect.

Over 20,000 people live on the pavements of roads, railway stations, bus and launch terminals in the city, they said, adding that at least 10,000 such poor people will be taken under the project at its first phase.

Speakers said this at a press conference at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity in the city yesterday.

At an estimated expenditure of Tk 16 crore, the project titled ‘Amrao Manush’ has been jointly launched by Concern Worldwide Bangladesh, Sajida Foundation, Coalition for the Urban Poor (CUP), Nari Moitri and Social and Economic Enhancement Program (SEEP) to give them different aid in achieving skills to earn their livelihood, gathering other knowledge and set up different service centres for them.

The project aims at saving people from storms, floods and various natural calamities, forming groups among people to train them so that they can earn their livelihood, taking steps to create self-respect among them through advocacy and making them aware of five fundamental rights to enjoy.

The speakers said they have already set up seven service centres targeting such people across the city with facilities of taking bath and toilets, cooking foods, taking rest during daytime, various awareness programme, saving systems, locker system, heath care and day care centres for the street children.

Contrary to popular belief that such people are involved in different crimes such as drug and arms peddling, they have also contribution to the city dwellers as they do the jobs of rickshaw-van pullers, domestic helps, porters and day labourers, they added.

So, people from all social strata should change their attitude towards the poor and underprivileged, they added.

Assistant Country Director Humaira Aziz of Concern Worldwide, Executive Director Shaheen Akter Chowdhury Doly of Nari Moitri and Executive Director of CUP took part in the programme.

The daily star 29.01.2009




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