Prepare yourselves to be able to solve problems

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Nobel laureate Prof Lee tells students

Nobel laureate Prof Yuan Tseh Lee yesterday said students should prepare themselves to be able to solve future problems.

Students also must learn to communicate with the people to be a future leader of a democratic society, he said at a special lecture on ‘University students in a globalised world’ at the TSC auditorium on Dhaka University campus.

The world is moving towards a knowledge-based economy where computers and robots are doing many tasks in different fields. “So we need to prepare us like that and we need to depend on our adaptability, flexibility and creativity,” said Professor Lee, president emeritus, the Genomic Research Centre, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

Identifying environmental degradation, global warming and globalisation as big challenges, he underscored the need for a global government and global currency in order to reduce disparity between rich and poor.

“We must find out the way how we can live comfortably with minimum resources,” Prof Lee said.

Pointing to the education system in Asia, he said, “There might be something wrong in our education system, as we see that the students are lacking creativity.”

The schools should have such an environment where students would feel encouraged to go, he added.

Earlier, Prof Lee paid a courtesy call on Dhaka University Vice Chancellor Prof AAMS Arefin Siddique at his office.

During the meeting, they discussed various matters of mutual interest, especially the possibilities of establishing linkage and joint collaborative academic and research programmes in science and technology between DU and the universities in Taiwan.

The daily star 30.01.2009



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