Poor father commits suicide to protect daughter

Posted: জানুয়ারি 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Madhab Chandra Bagani has committed suicide in remote Badarkhali village. Neighbours say he failed to endure the indignation and harassment perpetrated for refusing the hand of his minor schoolgirl to a notorious man.

Anju Rani, his widow, complained in writing that her eldest daughter Shyamoli Rani is student of class VII in Phuljhuri High School. Matchmaker Tapan Kumar Roy of the same village pressed them to give her marriage to Milon Gomasta of Kalomegha village in Patharghata upazila.

In two minds, Madhab went to Kalomegha where residents informed him that Milon is a notorious man who recently divorced his first wife.

On return home he informed his decision to the matchmaker of cancellation of the marriage proposal. But under influence of money the matchmaker brought Milon and others as bridal party on December 15.

He mobilised the village elders and an arbitration meeting fined Madhab Tk 10,000 of which Tk 3,000 was extracted on the spot for breaking the match.

Matchmaker Tapan did not stop at that. He declared of spreading rumuours across the villages and see the girl is never married.

The same night defamed and distressed Madhab swallowed poison. Rushed to Barguna General Hospital but died the following day.

The death of Madhab had unnerved the arbitrators. Apprehensive of murder charge they went to UP chairman Ziaul Ahsan Hiru to settle the matter outside the court.

It was decided that the matchmaker and arbitrators will pay Tk 1 lakh as compensation to the widow of Madhav and an accord was signed on Tk 150 stamp. But the compensation has not been paid.

UP chairman admitted of the compensation accord and UP woman member Parveen also admitted of her presence in the arbitration meeting that fined poor Madhab.

Barguna police said they would proceed with the case after receiving the autopsy report of Madhab from the hospital.

Anju Rani and her four minor children are under threat of matchmaker Tapan Roy and the village arbitrators.

The daily star 01.02.2009


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