Binod Bihari asks all to unite, save 2 schools

Posted: ফেব্রুয়ারি 1, 2009 in Education

Hunger Strike in Ctg

Civil society members observed a two-hour token hunger strike yesterday in front of two reputed schools in protest at Chittagong City Corporation’s (CCC) plan to demolish those and construct a 16-story building there to house the schools along other commercial establishments.

Civil society members vowed to save those two reputed girls’ schools–Aparna Charan City Corporation Girls’ High School and Krishna Kumari City Corporation Girls’ High School–and urged people to raise their voice against the mindless move of the CCC.

Meanwhile, CCC Mayor ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury remained stubbornly unyielding in his decision to build a multi-purpose building on the school grounds at any cost and he reiterated it through a newspaper statement in The Daily Suprobhat Bangladesh.

Veteran revolutionary Binod Bihari Chowdhury during the hunger strike urged all the progressive forces and conscious people of the city to forge a united movement to save those two schools that bear the memory of anti-British revolutionary Pritilata Waddedar.

Cross-section of people, activists of different political parties, student and cultural organisations and eminent personalities joined the two-hour long hunger strike to express their solidarity with the movement.

Terming the CCC move as an evil act Binod Bihari demanded the cancellation of the plan immediately and announced they would resist the move through mass movement and save the eighty-years-old schools.

He said business and education couldn’t go together as the two things are quite different in nature and their purposes.

“How many markets does the city mayor need for money?” asked the 99-years-old revolutionary adding that there were already several markets in the area in the close proximity to the small schools.

“What kind of people’s representative the city mayor is if he fails to realize people’s expectations, feelings and their demands,” Binod Bihari said lambasting the ‘anti-people attitude’ of the mayor.

Ekattorer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee leader Begum Mushtari Shafi said, “How could the CCC Mayor expect that three thousand students can leave and enter the schools at the same time by using only one or two narrow elevators?”

She said, “Some philanthropists and noble persons eighty years ago initiated and donated for the school building to bring the female folk into the orbit of school education while someone like the mayor in this modern era is trying to snatch away their rights to education.”

Gono Sanghati Andolon Coordinator Hasan Maruf Rumi, Chittagong Coordinator of the Socialist Party of Bangladesh (SPB) Manas Nandi, Samajtantrik Chhatra Front (SCF) city unit General Secretary Sattyajit Biswas, Bangladesh Chhatra Federation President Morshedul Islam, Proma Abritty Sangathan President Rashed Hasan and Charon Sangskritik Kendro Coordinator Indrani Bhattacharya expressed their solidarity with the huger strike.

CCC Mayor Mohiuddin in the newspaper statement said CCC-proposed high-rise building was designed to ensure a education-friendly environment for the two schools and they have a plan to establish college on the upper floors in the offing.

In the statement the Mayor termed the protests intentional and vowed to construct the building at any cost.

The daily star 01.02.2009


  1. hassan বলেছেন:

    binod bihari is a theif! mayor mohiuddin will never give up a school for a market. he is no revolutionery becoz at the time of masterda he was 7 years old. he is planning with anti-mohiuddin groups to taint his image. chitaingas are not mad to biliv mohiuddin doesnt give a shit about education.

    mohiuddin is legend and has done so much for chittagongg that he will be forever a star. dont spread this bullshit. he has done a lot for hindu community too. some hindu leaders are planning behind him btu majority are with him!

    i hope you are not one conspirator, or ur fool enough to biliv this crap

  2. kanakbarman বলেছেন:

    @ hassan
    at first i would like to say that binod bihari is a theif or not i don’t know but i know he is a revolutionery from our history. because i did not born that time when he protested to british. we have known it from our nation’s history. so it is truth by nation’s history. i don’t know hows your age. if you are man of that time then i will suggest you, pls write about history of that time. because you know but we don’t know. when you will write then we will read and know. otherwise we will know and we will tell that binod bihari is a revolutionery not theif.
    on the other hand you have asked that it is some hindu leader’s plann. for that cause i would like to say, it is your wrong idia. both schools are historical for bengali, so everybody want to save bengali history otherwise not.

  3. hassan বলেছেন:

    Mr Kanak barman, Binod bihari used to claim he is 90+ about 10 years ago. he must be 100 years old now! but he is not in fact not 100! go to india and do some research on Indian struggle for independence against british. I love din Kolkata for 6 years. They do not recognise Binod bihari as revolutionery. His son is a rich man there and laudered money to india. i know binod bihari very well….

    first tell me how can u say Mayor Mohiuddin hasnt done anything for education when he is renowned in the whole country for his efforts in education? he opened school colleges and even a university! he made hospitals, roads, bridges and many many development project. He works very hard to protect the minority in CHittagong.

    you are the most ungrateful twat i have ever seen!

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