Love lost,yet it goes on

Posted: ফেব্রুয়ারি 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

One of her son is a doctor and the other an architect, one of her daughter’s live in the US and the other is married to a wealthy man.

Sixty-year-old Selina Majumder should have been a happy and contended mother.

Instead, she lay desolate in a bed in a corner of a ward of an old people’s home in city’s Agargaon. On Valentine’s Day yesterday, a nurse was checking her health.

 “I feel great when my sons come to see me,” whispered Selina in a feeble voice.

“Please do not make up stories madam,” a nurse reminds her gently, “Your sons have never come to see you.”

Selina falls silent and the look in her eyes is vacant. She looks lost in a loveless world. Probably it dawns on her stroke-ridden brain that her wealthy past, her children established in life — nothing matters now that she is living on others’ pity.

Bedridden for the last four years after a series of strokes, she also suffers from diabetes and blood pressure. Recently she had a heart attack, her doctors said.

Lying on a plastic sheet reeking of urine, Selina was taking few orange pods from a kind woman who had come to visit the elderly in the home.

“None of her children looks after her. Her daughters visited her only four times in the last four years,” said her attendant.

Selina is one of the many miserable elderly citizens in the country who have no one to look after them.

Since none of her children pays for her expenses, the home is finding it hard to continue her treatment. At the moment a doctor at the home bears Selina’s expenses.

“She is suffering from multiple problems which are made worse by lack of support from her family. We are looking after her physical well-being but mentally she is a broken person,” said Dr Ashraful Alam Khan, a part-time medical officer at the home, who bears her medical expenses.

Selina’s attendant hasn’t been paid for the last three months.

She said, “Her sisters used to pay me but they have stopped now. But I cannot abandon her because if I do, who would look after her?”

At these words, Selina turns to the attendant. Tears roll down from her eyes and all the world’s love and affection concentrate in her stare.

The attendant smiles softly and wipes out her tears.

The daily star 15.02.2009


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