Govt mulls new pay scale for primary teachers

Posted: ফেব্রুয়ারি 23, 2009 in Primary Education

The government is planning to introduce a new pay scale for all primary school teachers in a bid to end wage discrimination in the government, registered and community schools which will be implemented from the next fiscal year.

State Minister for Primary and Mass Education Motahar Hossain said, “Huge wage discrimination is existing at different types of primary schools. But the government wants to remove it. We will introduce a new pay scale for primary teachers so that the same qualified teachers can receive equal salaries.”

The minister said this at a meeting with community primary teachers at the secretariat in the city yesterday.

He further said that the new pay scale will be implemented form June, the next fiscal year, so that teachers can give due attention to bring all the children to schools by 2012 and ensure cent percent literacy by 2014.

The government will take the initiative with a view to making ‘Digital Bangladesh’ by 2021, Motahar added.

At present, a government primary teacher gets Tk 5,100 per month and a registered primary teacher Tk 3,300, while a community primary teacher receives only Tk 1,200.

Teachers of the community primary schools demanded nationalisation of their jobs.

The daily star 23.02.2009

  1. Muhammad Abul Bashar Khan বলেছেন:

    “Govt mulls new pay scale for primary teachers” certainly, it is the good news for primary school teacher. But I want to add here that a government primary school teachers monthly salary and the non-government primary teachers monthly salary cannot be the same. A GPT is recruited through a hard competition and highly qualified person gets the chance to be a GPT(government primary teacher). Here I demand the consideration of Educational qualification of a teacher for the determination of salary. I hope that pay committee will consider the recruitment system of two category teachers and their qualification to determine the separate pay scale for Primary Teachers.

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