Scientific education

Posted: ফেব্রুয়ারি 23, 2009 in Education

While the slogan “Science for all” has been appreciated and accepted by most people, and scientific development is going on with the speed of light almost everywhere, the area of scientific ignorance among people of Bangladesh is widening. The situation is worse than even before because the politicians were almost silent as if it is not an important issue. They were more interested in importing science than local creation or innovation. The politicians should not be blamed fully because they became silent observing the previous activities of the responsible scientists in different sectors. It is pertinent to raise an important point here that all sciences are not science and all scientists are not real scientists. The main thing is to give the right person the right responsibilities. Otherwise, he will just pass time and destroy the whole system.

Today, not only Bangladesh, the world is confronted with the serious problem of public understanding of science, which is exerting an influence upon mankind on an enormous scale upon economic prosperity, social progress and individual welfare. Science is moving farther and farther beyond people’s common sense. It is very difficult even for those with the richest imaginative power to get an exact understanding of modern science and the changes brought about by it. It has also become very difficult for people to judge their values and meaning against the background of their experience and knowledge. The contradiction between the functions of science and lack of knowledge has drawn attention and concern of more and more people, who consider it to be a challenge to the world itself.

Science is an uplifting force that can raise society to a higher moral level. The influence of science on society is determined by the level of development of science, and by the extent of public understanding of science.

We cannot expect that everybody will be a scientist but they should understand benefits of science. Moreover, it is not easy to become scientist at all stages but it is possible for the public to gain an understanding of science and enjoy the fruits of science.

The new government of Bangladesh should be encouraged to include activities aimed at increasing public understanding of science in their national plans for development. This can be achieved through education, including school education as well as science education for the whole society, so that each member of society can benefit from science education. It is actually a right that everyone should enjoy.

The daily star 23.02.2009




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