3 young entrepreneurs from Bangladesh selected for regional fellowship

Posted: নভেম্বর 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Three young entrepreneurs from Bangladesh have been selected to join the Paragon Fellowship 2009.

The Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE) on Tuesday announced 100 inspiring young entrepreneurs and social Changemakers from 10 countries of the Asia Pacific, including Indonesia, India, China,

Pakistan and Nepal, selected for the annual Paragon Fellowship (previously Asia Pacific Future 100).

Ejaj Ahmad, founder of the Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center; Faisal Islam, founder of Padma Research and Development Organisation; and Taslima Mishu Rahman, founder of Media Arts and Technology Ltd, are among those selected out of 560 applicants from the region.

“I wanted to change my society and for me social entrepreneurship provided the perfect platform,” says Ejaj Ahmad, 28.

Taslima Mishu Rahman, 29, agrees. “I am an entrepreneur because enterprise is the starting point of social development.”

“I want to bring an institutional shape to indigenous knowledge especially on agriculture,” says Md Faisal Islam, 29.

As many countries struggle to create enough jobs for young people, youth entrepreneurship has emerged as an attractive alternative to widespread unemployment, as it integrates unemployed youth into the labor market and tackles poverty through the creation of jobs.

FYSE each year selects 100 young entrepreneurs and social Changemakers, who have dared to strike out, for the one-year fellowship in which they benefit from regional networking, leadership development, mentorship from an extensive network of professionals and entrepreneurs, capacity building and access to finance.

To inspire more young people FYSE will profile Paragon fellows widely through an extensive network of more than 50 partners in Asia Pacific and multiple online channels as positive role models in order to inspire more young people to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice.

This year fellows represent 10 countries including India, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, Nepal and Singapore and an astonishing 65 percent of the fellows started social ventures or NGOs.

“I am an entrepreneur because I saw a social need that had to be addressed immediately and I felt that I could adequately address it by taking it up institutionally”, says Indian Piyush Tewari founder of the Save Life Foundation.

Source -Dhaka, Nov 10 (bdnews24.com)

  1. sohael chowdhury বলেছেন:

    i am personally congratulating Ejaj Ahmad, Taslima Mishu Rahman, Md Faisal Islam for their performance and achievement…hope all their effort will bring betterment of our country & for humanity too.

  2. Sharif বলেছেন:

    Me also congratulate the Bangladeshi young enterprenaures who has been selected. there are lots of young people who have the potentiality to be the young enterprenaures. They need some push up from the society, financial institutions and Govt at large. Then the unemployment problem of this country can be erased. So all the best to the representatives of Bangladesh.

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