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A total of 501 people were killed across the country in different incidents, including 24 in political violence last month, according to a monthly crime-watch report.

Bangladesh Society for Enforcement of Human Rights (BSEHR) revealed the figures yesterday in its survey based on newspaper reports as well as on reports and documentation of the society.

The report said a total of 136 people were killed in various social violence, while 239 were killed in different accidents.

Another 126 people were killed in incidents like crossfire, mysterious death, doctors’ negligence, death in jail custody, dowry and mass beating.

It found that a total of 902 people were arrested by law enforcers, while 88 were kidnapped, three of them by Indian Border Security Force personnel.

“Three children and four women fell victim of rape — three of them were killed after rape,” it added.

BSEHR compiled the report on the basis of stories run in different newspapers as well as on reports and documentation of the human rights group. It didn’t give any comparative findings on the incidence of such crimes.

The daily star 01.02.2009