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JU female student harassment

Posted: ফেব্রুয়ারি 6, 2009 in Sexual harassment in campus

As a former student of JU, I am quite disappointed to see the outcome of the movement against sexual harassment in the campus. The students of Jahangirnagar University always had the spirit to fight against any kind of oppression they faced. We fought and we won in some ways in the past.

Last year some students of a particular department accused a teacher of their department of committing sexual harassment. The general students of JU started a movement against such behaviour and they demanded the teacher’s immediate expulsion from the university.

But the syndicate exempted him from the accusation. After that, the students organised a solidarity meeting in Dhaka where eminent personalities like Sultana Kamal were present and gave their speech against such type of behaviour of a teacher and urged the university authorities to take punitive actions against him. But what’s the result?

We, the ex-students of JU urge the newly elected government to take urgent steps so that the university reinvestigates the charges against the perpetrator and punishes him accordingly. We also demand to the authorities to formulate a policy against sexual harassment.

The daily star 06.02.2009