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Posted: ফেব্রুয়ারি 3, 2009 in Street children

Children are the potential foundation for the future development of any country. Unfortunately, in Dhaka we find a lot of street children living or working on the street, although they are supposed to be at school for their own future as well for their nation. These children could be teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, police officers, judges…but they are killing their and the country’s future only for their survival due to poverty, family disintegration, abandonment, neglect and social unrest.

There is no exact number of street children in Dhaka city. A Civil Society Forum for South Asia on Promoting and Protecting the Rights of the Street Children has estimated the number of street children in Bangladesh to be 4,45,226 (of which 75% are in Dhaka city); 53% boys, 47% girls (September, 2001 ). A survey conducted by the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies in the year 2005 reveals that there are at least 6,70,000 homeless children in Bangladesh, and average daily income of street children is approx. USD$0.55.

I suggest the following measures to reduce this problem:

Bangladesh Govt. may take up projects for raising the awareness of the civil society and foreign donors so that they can participate in solving the problem.

Govt./NGO/foreign donors may establish more shelter for their food, education, health.

Govt./NGO/foreign donors may establish a bank for development of street children.

The number of the street children of Dhaka city is increasing day by day. We should take proper initiatives to reduce this problem otherwise these street children will be burden for our nation.

The daily star 04.02.2009